Spooky Action at a Distance

Spooky Action at a Distance, is my first black book and outline zine. It features 32 full-color pages chock full of outlines and black book drawings from 1987-2021. Culled from dozens of black books and sketchbooks, this zine was a blast to put together. I hope you enjoy it.

  • 5.5″x8.5″ 32 pages
  • 70lb interior paper. Satin finish. Color throughout.
  • 100lb Cover Paper. Glossy!

You Can’t Win

You Can’t Win is my first photo-collection. Featuring photos from around the world taken over the past 16 years. It’s really great.

Technology Books

Mastering SVG: Ace web animations, visualizations, and vector graphics with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

SVG is the most powerful image format in use on the web. In addition to producing resolution-independent images for today’s multi-device world, SVG allows you to create animations and visualizations to add to your sites and applications. The simplicity of cross-platform markup, mixed with familiar modern web languages, such as CSS and JavaScript, creates a winning combination for designers and developers alike.

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The HTML and CSS Workshop: A New, Interactive Approach to Learning HTML and CSS

You already know you want to learn HTML and CSS, and a smarter way to learn HTML and CSS is to learn by doing. The HTML and CSS Workshop focuses on building up your practical skills so that you can build your own static web pages from scratch, or work with existing themes on modern platforms like WordPress and Shopify. It’s the perfect way to get started with web development. You’ll learn from real examples that lead to real results.

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Beginning HTML & CSS

HTML and CSS are the two core programming languages that you need to know in order to build web pages, and this beginner book introduces you to both. Providing step-by-step guidance on best practices and techniques, this practical reference walks you through the latest versions of HTML and CSS to develop unique, modern websites for today’s multiple devices and platforms. Covering everything from structuring documents for the web and fine-tuning your text to linking to other web pages or e-mail addresses and using images, audio, video, and tables—this book covers it all.

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The Uncertain Web

What’s the best way to develop for a Web gone wild? That’s easy. Simply scrap the rules you’ve relied on all these years and embrace uncertainty as a core tenet of design. In this practical book, veteran developer Rob Larsen outlines the principles out what he calls The Uncertain Web, and shows you techniques necessary to successfully make the transition.

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