I’m from Hollywood

Featuring: Andy Kaufman, Jerry Lawler, Tony Danza, Jimmy Hart, Marilu Henner, Lance Russell, Robin Williams

This chronicle of Andy Kaufman’s career as a wrestler is, without a doubt, one of the funniest tapes ever to pass through my VCR. It’s also the video that I’ve most often sprung on unsuspecting guests in my house. “You’ve got to watch this,” I say, shushing any hesitation with a quick, “It might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” If you have any interest at all in Kaufman then this is a must view.

Featuring great archival footage and plenty of interviews (including folks like Robin Williams and a bleary-eyed Tony Danza,) this documentary tells the full tale of Andy’s wrestling career, from it’s humble beginnings as the self-proclaimed “Inter-Gender Champion” to it’s zenith as the most hated man in Memphis wrestling.

Brilliant stuff.

Of unknown provenance. Of unknown vintage.