So... as the story goes, when REAS, HASK and EROS went down to the BU Trestles and dissed everything (and I mean everything) the only thing they left untouched was this piece. I always like that story (and why wouldn't I?)

I did the character here. I think there was another character to the right, but I don't really know. Target and I have been trying to get a flick of this for a while, so I'll take what I can get.

This is SLY's photo and it came to me through Target who got it from Aves(?) I think that's the chain of evidence. Mes might have been involved somewhere. Thanks to everyone involved, seeing this thing again really took me back.

Check the tags across the top- KOOK, KR, etc. That was where we started to really see some guys coming up from NYC.

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